About Us



Brand Story

Octave is a premium men and women clothing brand , incorporated and envisioned on developing and selling high end clothing wear at competitive prices .


The brand was initially developed in the year 1991 with the aim of marking itself as one of the best clothing brands Pan India . Subsequently we have diversified ourselves into various avenues within the clothing sector , with the primary aim of widening and strengthening our customer base whilst delivering superior quality products .


Mission & Vision

At Octave our primary aim is focusing on extreme R&D to develop high end products and highly competitive prices to be delivered to our customers. We also as a team focus on extreme customer satisfaction at a priority basis. Our vision is to grow and embark on a journey to be one of the best clothing brands Pan India.


Brand History

Octave as a brand was incorporated in the year 1991, wherein initially we only catered to a few products namely men’s t-shirt, men’s polo t-shirt, jackets and sweatshirts exclusively for men . Initially the brand worked through few distributors only in the northern region where the brand is primarily located. Over the years we have widened our product and customer base within India and abroad and also incorporated our subsidiary brand Exceed.